Was über die Merkel und die Deutsch-Amerikanischen Beziehungen drin steht ...

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>>so hier kommt der Link dazu ...
>Und auch unser "distinguished" Joschka Fischer wird in der durchaus interessanten Experten-Namensliste aufgeführt:
>Joschka Fischer
>Distinguished Visiting Diplomat
>Former German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor. First German Green to assume a government post upon his appointment as Minister of the Environment and Energy for Hesse in 1985.
>Expertise: Europe; Transatlantic Relationship; global challenges such as the environment and nuclear nonproliferation; Iran; Turkey.
Noch besser sind die Kommentare zu den Deutsch-Amerikansichen Beziehungen
Big Improvement in United States-German Relations
"Im just curious, in public opinion polling in Germany, does the United States come in any higher than it did a year ago?
No, in fact over the past year, with all of the gruesome images coming out of Iraq, the image of America has deteriorated even further. The question is really whether this is a long-term phenomenon, or whether it will perhaps turn upward with a new presidency. Ironically, a striking thing is young people have perhaps a greater immigration flow into the United States than at any other time in recent memory. Theres been a real brain drain with a lot of bright young Germans coming to the United States to study and deciding to stay on and work here because they find more opportunities here than they would at home."
Der Artikel sagt schon so gut wie alles über den Standpunkt von Frau Merkel ;o)

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