Gandhi und die Theosophen, Annie Besant, Johannesburg Lodge etc.

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Er dürfte in Südafrika als britischer Agent gegen die dort lebenden Inder tätig gewesen sein:
He also developed a lucrative legal practice in Johannesburg, mainly serving the Indian community there. It is interesting that he kept pictures, among others, of Jesus and Annie Besant on the walls of his law office. Again, he made contact with the Theosophical Society and had daily discussions of religious subjects with members of the Johannesburg Lodge. He concluded that theosophy and Hinduism were the same in theory but that the TS members he had met gave too much attention to intellectual development and not enough to the central idea of brotherhood. Eventually he dropped even his “affiliate” status in the Society.,_Mohandas_Karamchand

Später hat die Besant dann offiziell gegen Gandhi Stellung bezogen, was unter Agenten nicht viel zu bhedeuten hat:
It was during this movement that Annie Besant declared her opposition to Gandhi’s movement. When, in 1919, Gandhi took effective control of the Congress Movement (started by the British Theosophist Allan O. HUME in 1885 as a non-political movement to petition for what they called Home Rule), and turned it into a political party, Besant, its President in 1917, quit and joined the Liberal Party, starting a newspaper called New India to combat Gandhi’s ideas articulated in his newspaper Young India. Among the prominent Theosophists who worked for her newspaper was Nilakanta SRI RAM, later elected as the fifth President of the TS. Mrs. Besant had no objections to the basic idea of satyagraha, which she had practiced herself for years. Her principal objection was to Gandhi’s making it a mass movement since, she said, the average person does not have the ability to meet physical abuse with non-violence and therefore, she correctly predicted, the movement would quickly turn to violence — or “brick-bats and bullets” (New India, Dec. 13, 1923), to use her expression.

Die Annie Besant von den Theosophen war in Indien voll aktiv für die britischen Interessen. Das Young India erinnert uns an Mazzini mit seinem Jungen Italien, Jungen Deutschland ...

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