Kennt sich jemand von euch mit Musik(theorie) aus?

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... und kann mir folgende Textstelle erklären?


I assert at this point one thing without which I can not
see music rightly received.

I have put it in a dozen forms, I have printed it in one
form, and sent it out by private letter more briefly.

Certain sounds we accept as ‘‘pitch”, we say that a
certain note is do, re, mi, or B flat in the treble scale,
meaning that it has a certain frequency of vibration.

Down below the lowest note synthesized by the ear
and “heard” there are slower vibrations. The ratio
between these frequencies and those written to be executed
by instruments is OBVIOUS in mathematics. The
whole question of tempo, and of a main base in all musical
structure resides in use of these frequencies.

It is unlikely that great composers neglected this
basis. I am convinced that it is unwise to wander into
musical study without taking count of it.

• • • •

Aus: Guide to Kulchur von Ezra Pound


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