Ukrainier sind auch ziemlich auf ZAKK! (z.B. Somali Yacht Club)

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Somali Yacht Club - The Sun (2014) (Full Album)

Somali Yacht Club is a stoner rock trio from Lviv, Ukraine. The band mixes elements of stoner rock, psychedelic rock, shoegazing and post-metal in their music. Formed in 2010, as a jam band, but evolved to a main band for it's members. Somali Yacht Club definitely were able to make an interesting genre mash-up with their newest full length, ‘The Sun’. While their earlier albums were very riff laden, fuzzed out, to the point stoner metal, ‘The Sun’ is a much more abstract piece of work. The goal of this clearly is different from their earlier releases- it’s about half as heavy, half the speed, but with twice the amount of thought put into how the album would work as a whole.

The fact that Somali Yacht Club started as a jam band becomes very evident by the second and third tracks. This is where they start to go all over- you can tell that a lot of this was written just during a straight up jam session- riffs that came right from the heart without an excessive amount of thought put into them, and even some dub sections. However, it also avoids being incohesive as a lot of jam bands can be- it is still a very well arranged album that flows throughout. The Sun' manages to find the perfect middle ground of psychedelic rock. Just the right amount of riffs, right amount of abstract atmospheric jamming, the vocals are relaxing, but intense and emotional at the same time. There is so much emotion on this album that I feel like you could listen to it in any mood and relate to it.

Crunchy guitars that remind me of Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins and an excellent soaring vocal that doesn't get annoying. How can you go wrong? A mash up of stoner fuzz and post rock meanderings with heavy use of shoegaze delay and reverb. If you like Mars Red Sky or maybe Quest For Fire, you definitely should check out these guys. Buy it.

1. Loom
2. Sightwaster
3. Up In The Sky
4. Signals
5. Sun

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