Q postet fetten Artikel zu Eric Prince (Blackwater) = CIA

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Was wir schon immer wussten wird jetzt ganz offiziell:
Die CIA hat völlig unabhängig vom Kongress/Militär Subcontractors wie Blackwater eingestellt, nebenher Al-Kaida erschaffen und dem IS den Weg begradigt.
Der, dessen Namen nicht gesagt wird (Senator McCain) ist oberster politischer Schirmherr.

u.a. mit Zielen in Germany:

according to Vanity Fair, the terrorist assassination program that Blackwater was allegedly authorized by the CIA to undertake (but did not ultimately carry out) would have involved killing targets in Germany: ...
Mamoun Darkazanli, an al-Qaeda financier living in Hamburg

Es sollte dann wohl auch eher Unterstützungsprogramm, denn "assassination program" heißen =>

For those who still have trouble understanding Paulson/Summers/Geithner/Bernanke, Goldman, et.al.'s 'complicated principles' of the 'Finance Industry'the Xe/CIA situation is a good learning tool. See, Xe appears to be in trouble, since it is being sued, probably for fraud and various misdemeanors and felonies. BUT, it's being sued by CIA lawyers, who work for the company that employs Xe. AND, the higher the costs of it's defense, the more profit it makes, so it helps Xe's bottom line to commit more and more fraud and misdemeanors and felonies. AND, the more fraudulent Xe is, the more work for the CIA, it's employer, and the total of Xe's legal costs go right into the CIA's discretionary fund. If this is all still too 'complicated' for you, it's because it is designed that way. But you can understand it, completely, by just remembering ONE BASIC FINANCIAL/WALL STREET/US GOVERMENT PRINCIPLE: 'F**K THE TAXPAYERS'.
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Ohne Gesetze folgt alles dem einen Gesetz: der Selbsterhaltung und der Wohlfahrt des Ganzen.

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