Marranos and Conversos

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Solving the Mystery of BABYLON THE GREAT
von Edward Hendrie (Autor)

Wer sind die Jesuiten 6 Marranos and Conversos
The infiltration of Jewish liturgy into the Roman church made conversion to the Catholic
faith palatable to Jews. Barbara Aho explains:
During the Middle Ages, the infiltration and conquest of Christendom was
achieved by two methods. The Inquisition, which started in Spain in 1478, forced
multitudes of Jews to renounce Judaism and to embrace Catholicism; these
“converts” were called Conversos. Conversos typically went through the motions
of the Roman Catholic religion, but remained Jews inwardly and practiced their
Jewish rites in the privacy of their homes.
Other Jews, called Marranos (swine), feigned conversion to Christianity and
practiced Roman Catholicism outwardly, while practicing Judaism, or Cabalism,
privately. A number of Marranos took positions in the clergy. The motive of
Conversos was self-preservation; the Marranos, destruction of the Church and all
things Christian. The result of these parallel operations was the Jewish occupation
of the Roman Catholic Church and its transformation into “MYSTERY
ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” The King James translation of Revelation
17 describes MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT as the “great whore” and
“that great city which sits upon seven mountains” (v.9).
* * *
Evidence of infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church by great masses of
European Jewry is found in numerous independent sources, of which we shall
consider a few starting with portions of The Plot Against the Church. Typical of
Catholic anti-Judaism, the authors fulminate against Jewish infiltration of the
Church, but seem blind to the fact that “Holy Catholic Church” was a Judaized
form of Christianity from its inception. 101
Aho’s characterization of the Jewish nature of the Roman church is absolutely correct. In
Mystery, Babylon the Great, Catholic or Jewish, Aho documents that the kings and clergy that
compelled Jews to convert to Catholicism were themselves Jews who infiltrated the Catholic
church in order to control its doctrine and political influence. What better way to infiltrate the
Roman church but by forcing Jews into pretended conversion to Catholicism, after which they
remain loyal to their Talmudic and Cabalistic roots. Generation after generation, many of these
crypto-Jewish families gained great influence within the Roman church to steer its doctrines and
policies. Aho quotes from The Plot Against the Church, the author Pinay is a loyal Catholic:
This “Fifth column” is formed by the descendants of the Jews, who in earlier
centuries were converted to Christianity and seemingly held in enthusiastic
manner to the religion of Christ, while in secret they preserved their Jewish belief
and carried out clandestinely the Jewish rites and ceremonies. For this purpose
they organised [sic] themselves into communities and secret synagogues, which
were active centuries-long in secret. These apparent Christians, but secret Jews,
began centuries ago to infiltrate into Christian society, in order to attempt to
control it from within. For this reason they sowed false doctrines and differences
of opinion and even attempted to gain control of the clergy in the different
churches of Christ. With all this, they applied the cunning of introducing
crypto-Jewish Christians into the seminaries of the priesthood, who could gain
admission into the honorary offices in the Holy Catholic Church and then into the
dissident churches, upon whose division these secret Jews had so much
Pinay characterizes the infiltration by Jews as a fifth column in the church; in one sense they
are a fifth column, however, in another sense they are not, since the Jewish doctrine is woven
into the very web and woof of the Roman Catholic church. Pinay, correctly explains the
infiltration of the Roman Catholic church by Jews, however, he misses the fact that the very
doctrines of the Roman Catholic organization are Jewish. The Roman Catholic Church is only
gentile in appearance. How can the Jews be a Jewish fifth column in an organization that is
essentially Jewish in nature?

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