Der große Strategie-Plan von GOLDMAN SACHS & DONALD TRUMP

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Wer sich erinnert was ich vor einigen Jahren über den großen Strategie-Plan von GOLDMAN SACHS und im Zusammenhang
mit der Trump-Wahl mutmaßte, kann es nun endlich nachfolgend präzisiert nachlesen. Ich konnte es leider nicht weiter näher
verfolgen und analysieren ohne Arbeitsmittel und einem Leben aus dem Rucksack.

ICE Deal for N.Y.S.E. Creates Global Powerhouse

The Geostrategy That Guides Trump's Foreign Policies

“Grand Commander Donald The Strong” Squashes Like Bug “Little Potato” Justin Trudeau
As “Ice Wall” World Emerges—But That Russia Compares To “Living In The Matrix”

At the exact same time “Deep State” elements within the Clinton and Bush regimes were moving towards “dumb-military” action to preserve American hegemony over the world, this report details, an audacious “smart-financial” action to achieve this same goal was being devised by the powerful American investment bankers Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs and his counterpart at Morgan Stanley, John Shapiro—and whose scheme involved a plan to take control of the global oil market through a new electronic global market platform called the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

Now known as the “ICE Wall”, this report explains, the International Exchange devised by Gary Cohn and John Shapiro, upon its establishment, began a global buying spree of all of the world’s oil—but not what was just being produced at the time, but that which was going to be produced long into the future—and whose future contracts extend to 2020 and beyond.

Not just has this “ICE Wall” captured nearly all of the world’s oil supply long into the future, this report notes, it has, also, moved into capturing as much of the world’s metals wealth it can buy up too—with barely any of the American people even knowing that a string of warehouses in Detroit, Michigan, most of them operated by Goldman Sachs, has stockpiled more than a million tonnes of the industrial metal aluminum, about a quarter of the world’s reported inventories.

By 2012, this report continues, the “ICE Wall” expanded to unstoppable proportions with its buying and taking over the New York Stock Exchange—it afterwards, in 2016, moving to buy the London Stock Exchange—and this year, 2018, its buying and taking over the Chicago Stock Exchange—thus making the Intercontinental Exchange not one of, but the most powerful company the world has ever known.

Important to understand about the power of this “ICE Wall”, this report explains, is that commodities (oil, grain, metals, etc.) are not purchased by cash, or when actually needed—but are, instead, bought and traded with financial instruments that are called “futures contracts”—that, for instance, airlines use to purchase their fuel by in order for them to maintain price stability in case of sudden price hikes.

“ICE Wall” Chief Jeffrey Sprecher, this report further notes, stated, in 2016, that his company Intercontinental Exchange would become even more powerful and his saying that President Trump would bring “fundamental change” to US regulations, and whom Sprecher vowed would be “fearless in marching through the commitments that he made”—all of which has come to pass, most particularly due to Trump having placed in power the “ICE Wall” architect Gary Cohen—whom Trump first wanted to appoint as his CIA Director because of how critical to US national security the “ICE Wall” is—but with Trump settling on making Cohen his top economic advisor—with it, also, being important to note that Cohen began implementing the “ICE Wall” scheme 5 months after Trump announced that he was running for president.

On 2 April 2018, this report continues, Gary Cohn resigned from his White House post in a “signal” to the entire world that the “ICE Wall” was about to come down on everyone—and that happened, on 1 June 2018, when President Trump announced that he was imposing a 25% tariff on imports of steel and a 10% tariff on aluminum on the European Union, Canada, and Mexico—with Trump vowing not lift these tariffs unless these nations started trading freely with the United States and “stop robbing the piggy bank” of America’s future.

Though the Obama regime, in 2015, tried to melt this “ICE Wall” by, in essence, forcing Goldman Sachs to sell off its massive aluminum stockpile, this report notes, American companies today are, nevertheless, protected from these tariffs by the Intercontinental Exchange who have sold them the “future contracts” they need for steel and aluminum for years to come.

And this past weekend at the 2018 G7 Summit, this report says, saw many of the Western leaders erupting against what this “ICE Wall” was going to do to them unless they gave Trump the fair trade deals he demanded—with Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Little Potato” Trudeau even becoming so unhinged that his fake eyebrows started coming off when he started slamming Trump—and whom President Trump quickly retaliated against by having his aides call Trudeau a “double crosser” and saying that “a special place in hell” was reserved for him.

Left unanswered about this new “ICE Wall” erected around America to protect its global energy dominance, this report concludes, are the issues relating to the preferential America First and Saudi oil market access, and if US antagonists (such as Iran or Russia) will be able to access the global market on inferior terms, if at all—and too many more to count—as, on 29 June, President Trump announced at an Energy Department event “Unleashing American Energy” a new doctrine for energy policy which he termed “Energy Dominance”, but without his specifying what this actually means—thus leaving Russian Central Bank First Deputy Governor Skorobogatova to ponder if this fully non-human needed AI controlled computer dominated world of finance and trade is leading us all into “The Matrix”.

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