The Storm is upon us - 160000 Verhaftungen weltweit

Geschrieben von throne am 23.03.2020 06:52:42:

The coronavirus was a Globalist ploy that failed and has been hijacked by the Trump Administration to be used as cover to keep people inside and to prevent collateral damage during a military op of mass arrests. Some targets are very violent and they will fight back. For your safety, it’s best to stay inside.
The operation is live. Arrests are happening in Southern California now. It’s being overseen by NAVSPEC.
They will arrest 160,000 people in 90 days, including members of the mainstream media and Barry Soetoro.
They're starting now by taking down Antifa, MS-13, the mafia, drug gangs, and other mercenaries hired by Soros and used by the Dems/Deep State.
These mercenaries were going to conduct mass riots and mayhem after the election but this is being stopped. There will soon be Martial Law, maybe as soon as this Monday.
Thousands have been arrested in Italy already. The situation is "fluid" but it's more or less like this:
You may have noticed that during President Trump's daily coronavirus updates that, starting around the 14th or the 15th, the Presidential Seal was removed from the podium. That seal represents the U.S. Corporation, of which Donald Trump was elected the President, and for which he was drafted as a corporate raider to take it over and to restore the Republic. There will be a financial reset — the end of the dollar/petrodollar. The assets of criminal banksters, the Rothschilds, The Committee, etc., who've been stealing from us for decades, are being seized. We will be repaid. The IRS and the Fed will be abolished, and after all of this shakes out, we will only pay consumption taxes of between 7 – 15%. Everyone will be financially better off when all is said and done. We will be informed of a lot of things that have been kept secret: medical breakthroughs, suppressed information about alternative energy, and the truth about extraterrestrial life.
Everyone will be given a credit card to buy a free energy device, and we will never have to pay the electric company again.

The Best Is Yet To Come

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