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Geneva Observer on April 01, 2020 · at 7:05 pm EST/EDT

I wrote earlier this morning,
Dear Mr. President of the Russian Federation,
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,

It has come to my attention this morning the first aid flight to the United States has taken off.

Despite poor relations with the United States, you have reached out to aid ordinary persons suffering.
I wish to thank you, your administration and the men and women involved who organized this project, did the hard work to prepare the shipment and the flight crew now underway.

You have set an excellent example.

Well done,

Now, a few moments ago,


Putin’s promised medical masks and equipment have landed at New York’s JFK airport.
I think this is the first time Americans have ever seen a Russian Air Force Antonov An-124 Ruslan cargo plane, a most impressive sight.

Overheard was:
New York air traffic controller to Russian Air Force cargo plane: ‘We sincerely thank you for all of the assistance you’re bringing in.’

“The plane in on final approach landing on runway 31L at JFK momentarily.”

This is an historic moment.

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