Der Letzte für Heute

Geschrieben von Chaldäer am 28.06.2020 14:02:54:

"Every key position in the process of the Bolshevik destruction of China has beenJewish." The prospects for the world do not look good. We are not talking here any longer about the "takeover" of China by the J ews. As Franklin Ryckaert, with his astute observation on aggressive mimicry might say: "The parasites have already taken control of the host's bod" When the time is right, I predict, the Jews will jump shipen masse .......
and make China their next cash cow andkleptocracy-but not before they have destroyed America,leaving behind a Third World country in rums.
Europa also???

Here, in this multicultural hell pit of existential despair, theremnants of the white race will have to put up with rapeand murder on an unprecedented scale, like the Russiansand Germans in the first half of the 20th century at thehands ofthe same Bolshevikjews. The sun is setting on the American Empire and night isabout to fall, like the blade of an axe on the neck of thebleating lamb.

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