Wolfram Skandal weitet sich aus: Angeblich sind 16000 Tonnen Gold in 400 Unzen Barren gefälscht worden

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Good evening to you all:

First of all before going into todays gold and silver trading, Rob Kirby has sent to us more findings on the tungsten "gold" bar

Kirby's newest commentary is simply earth-shattering.

Here is a summary of his findings. The complete article follows my comments.

1. As I reported to you a few weeks ago, there were reports of 400 0z bars of gold found in the Bank of England filled with tungsten.

It was reported to you that tungsten has the same specific gravity of gold, so it is easy to manufacture a fake brick. Only an electrical test

could determine which bar is real.

2. Kirby also identified that the GLD list in London had the bar list go from 1381 pages to under 200 and then back to 800 pages, even though

the gold inventory of GLD was increasing from 1080 tonnes to gold to its present value of 1118 tonnes.

3. During the week of Oct 1.09, there were irregular physical gold settlements and the Bank of England had to intervene on behalf of JPMorgan and

Deutsche Bank as these two banks did not have the physical gold backing its delivery.

4. China is known as the knock off capital of the world. Everyone thought that they were the manufacturers of these tungsten bricks. The Chinese

were the ultimate buyers of these tungsten bricks and they decided that they needed to get to the bottom of this fiasco. In their interrogation process they found the perpetrators

and put them behind bars and in the process discovered that it was the usa who orchestrated the manufacture of these fake bars

5. The usa manufacturered anywhere btw. 1.3 to 1.5 million bars of 400 0z weight or roughly 16,000 metric tonnes.

The usa holds 8,000 meteric tonnes of gold and the world roughly 30,000 metric tonnes.

6. Approximately 640,000 of these tungsten bricks of 400 oz weight were shipped to Fort Knox. The weight in oz is 256 million oz which is roughly the 8,000 tonnes of gold

that Fort Knox supposedly holds.

7. The remaining 8,000 metric tonnes were shipped to international centres and sold on the international market. Many of thse bars ended up at the GLD.

8. Kirby has documents which show that his folks have copies of original shipping documents with dates and EXACT WEIGHTS OF THE TUNGSTEN BARS


9. This may help explain why Rothschild's left in 2004 as they probably knew that many of the bricks at the B of E were fake.

10. It may help explain why no news came out on the raid at the Nymex in Feb 2004 where the District Attorney was investigating Stuart Smith, VP of

operations at the Nymex. We has issued a search warrant and he abruptly left and to this day has not been heard from.

The above will help explain why I cannot balance supply and demand of gold. We know that demand is somewhere around 4500 tonnes of gold and supply around 2400 tonnes and

thus the deficit was funded with supplies from central banks. The above ground gold supplied by the central banks came through the leasing process.

The leasing of gold started in 1988 and with a deficit of 2000 tonnes per annum, the world should have run out of gold a few years ago. It did not.

Now we know why!!!!!!

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